Hey, I’m Maia Janelle! My life is complicated, a bit messy, and sometimes I don’t know how I pull it all together. I was born and raised in the South, so expect me to say y’all a lot. In August, I’ll turn 20. (Yippee!) I am very random and don’t really possess a filter. I say whatever, whenever. And if I can’t, I let my face do the talking. (Or so I’ve been told.) Some people say I’m an old soul because you can usually find me reading or knitting on a Friday night. Coca-Cola and Zaxby’s make me happy. Ebay is my secret addiction and I’m a tad obsessed with Katy Perry.
My amazing boyfriend of three and a half years, Julian, is an Airforce Airman. He just graduated from boot camp and is currently in Texas. Long distance relationships are hard, but we’re making it work. I am currently not in school, but trying very hard to re-enroll. It’s not easy when you pay for everything yourself and financial aid doesn’t want to cooperate. I have many dreams and aspirations. The one I’m working on currently is web and graphic design. I also plan on attending school for a degree in Digital Medical Sonography to become an Ultrasound Technician.
So grab a tall glass of lemonade, take a seat in a comfy chair, and stay a while! I’m very happy you’re here!

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